Always Cold. Always Hot.

We created a new type of electronic safe that stores Spark™ hardware wallets securely and always disconnected from all networks, giving you the peace of mind of pure cold storage.

At a click of a button, our robotic actuators will connect your hardware wallet to a secure network channel, ready to execute your blockchain transactions. Then, return it to a dormant air-gapped state.

Simple and Secure.

Getting a Spark™ wallet only requires a subscription. We store it securely inside hardened steel cells called Piston Cylinders™ within caged areas in tier-1 data centers, so you know the exact location of your private keys.

Our system comprises segregated authentication channels for physical provisioning, power, and transaction signing. Geo-location, voice signature, multi-factor authentication, key backup across regions, and bank-grade tamper-proof secure elements.

Piston Vault does not have access to clients’ keys.

No self-custody.
No exchange wallets.
Meet the Spark™ wallet.

Get a Spark™ wallet in minutes.

Subscribe to Piston Vault, select a vault location, and imprint your Spark™ wallet with a unique signature. In minutes. Your Spark™ will lie dormant and disconnected from all networks inside a Piston Cylinder – our robotic steel cells – until you need it.

Cold to Hot in seconds with our robots.

Piston Cylinders’ robotic actuators turn Spark™ wallets from air-gapped disconnected devices to hot wallets in seconds. It’s as easy as logging in and requesting physical activation. And you are ready to execute your transactions. When you are done, your Spark™ will disconnect automatically.

Audit ? Physical delivery ? Back up ? We got you covered.

Enjoy a wealth of business services designed for Spark™ wallets, including regulatory audit of digital assets, physical delivery of Spark™ wallet for storage in bank vaults, and full backup of private keys to remote geographic locations.