What we build

Custody technology for institutional and mainstream adoption.

Like modern internet banking, for digital assets to achieve mainstream adoption, custody requires a solution that makes adoption seamless to the average user.

This is Piston Vault’s mission.

Self-custody with hardware and software wallets is flawed.
Mainstream custody must rely on enterprise technology designed for modern financial markets.


Spark™ Hardware Wallet

Piston Vault Spark™ is our custom hardware wallet for storing private keys. It supports multiple blockchain and DLT technologies, including Bitcoin, R3 Corda, and many others.

Spark™ has powerful MCU and a Secure Enclave with tamper-proof physical countermeasures, and it enclosed in a shell of liquid crystal polymers (Kevlar).

Among others, Spark™ implements BIP32 for hierarchical deterministic (HD) wallets and carries cryptographic operations both in hardware and software.

Piston Valve™ Secure Platform

Piston Valve™ is our proprietary platform designed to host Spark™ wallets in a powered-off and air-gapped state. It provides power and communication to each Spark™ through electronically separated channels controlled by independent software systems.

When in cold storage, Sparks™ are powered off and physically disconnected from all networks. Upon request, Spark™ devices are physically connected to Piston Valve™ by a robotic actuator and powered up. Through a second authenticated channel, user request Sparks™ to sign transactions.

Sparks™ are returned to a powered-off and air-gapped status automatically after a predefined time.

Mechanics & Robotics

Piston Cylinder™ Electronic Safes

  • Piston Cylinder™ enclosures are custom-designed steel cells built to function like electronic safes. They host several Piston Valve™ systems and operate up to 8,194 Spark wallets. Piston Cylinders™ have several security features designed to prevent unauthorized access to Sparks™:
  • Solid steel base, bolted to the floor, supporting four steel columns and a steel top.
  • All parts are joined with inner bolts preventing disassembling from the outside.
  • Total weight higher than 1,000 lb (500 kg).
  • Bullet-proof glass doors. 
  • Fail-secure locks (i.e. stay locked in the absence of power and controlled through encrypted VPN channels).
  • Industrial-grade, fully redundant electrical and electronic systems.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Active cooling.
  • Emergency shutdown.

Piston Connector™ Robotic Arm

Piston Connectors™ are precision robotic systems that control Sparks’ physical connectivity in real-time (cold vs hot wallet).

Each Piston Cylinder™ contains 4 Piston Connectors™ systems, controlled through independent VPN channels.

Upon users authenticated requests, Piston Connectors™ seek the corresponding Spark™, position in front of them, and use servo fingers to push Spark™ wallets into the Piston Valve™ hosting system, thereby connecting Sparks™ physically and electronically (cold to hot).

Once transactions have been completed, Piston Connectors™ will return the Spark™ to its air-gapped state (hot to cold).