What we do

We develop innovative technologies and processes for safekeeping, management, and custody of digital assets and digital identities.

We design all our electronics, firmware, software, and mechanics.

Cryptography, Blockchain, Regulation

The technology behind the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (“DLT”) is complex to non-technical practitioners, but some of its aspects are simple to understand.


Ownership of digital assets, like security tokens, cryptocurrencies, and digital securities, is achieved by controlling private (cryptographic) keys – simple strings of characters used by blockchain algorithms.


Piston Vault makes the foundational technology upon which ownership of digital assets becomes simple and secure.

Hardware wallet segregation makes large-scale breaches physically impossible.
Robotic steel cells offer concurrent cold and hot storage of cryptographic keys.
3-Layer secure access to Sparks™ with physical, electrical, and logical activation.
Exchange self-hosted cold storage and custodial enterprise deployments.

Our Competencies


We design all our solutions. Starting from new concepts of secure storage of cryptographic keys, we design our hardware wallets and the electronics platform that connects them together.


Our unique hardened steel cells are electronic safes designed to manage, and protect segregated Secure Elements containing cryptographic keys.


We write our own firmware and the software around it that bring the robotics and electronics together.


We take a holistic approach to how our custodial solutions are deployed by our clients. Each type of client has unique needs and constraints they must fulfill, whether related to minimum security requirements or operational procedures to drive their digital asset custody business.


We work with them to customize, integrate, and support our solutions.

Financial Regulation

Change excites us and presents infinite opportunities. Nothing like the blockchain industry provides such a fast-changing regulatory framework, where our ideas and expertise are put to test.


Mindful of the constantly changing legal landscape, Piston Vault is at the forefront of digital assets integration within existing and nascent regulatory schemes.